What is the Balch Lawn BBQ?

The BBQ is a great way to learn about the many Jewish organizations on campus.  From Hillel committees to the Klezmer band, each groups has its own table so you can meet representatives and get involved in clubs before classes even start! 


The Balch Lawn BBQ takes place during the late afternoon of August 21.

Welcome to

Balch Lawn BBQ

A free BBQ (serving kosher meat) with live music and more!




How do I sign up?

There are no sign ups! Show up and fill out a quick form to receive your free food!




Where is the Balch Lawn?

Balch Lawn is located on North Campus, first thing after crossing Thurston Bridge or the Footbridge.  The BBQ immediately follows the Freshmen Reading Project discussions, making it easy to attend! 




Want to register a group?


Register your student group by emailing cornellhillelorientation@gmail.com in order to reserve a table.